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Title Author Date
'Hybrid War' to Pull U.S. Military in Two Directions John J. Kruzel May 05, 2009
“Trust Allah, Not Nasrallah”: The Hizballah Crisis Reshapes Lebanese Politics  Robert Rabil Aug. 09, 2006
20 Years Later: Professional Military Education James Jay Carafano Jun. 23, 2009
A Chinese Perspective on Conflict in the Information Age Dean Cheng  Feb. 09, 2017
A New Empire of the Mahdi? Libyan and Iranian Pan-Islamic Agendas Timothy R. Furnish Apr. 08, 2007
A Poisoned Chalice? The Crisis in National Security Planning, Programming, and Budgeting Anthony Cordesman May 08, 2008
Accept Reality: Iran and North Korea Will Not Be Denied Nuclear Weapons  Ivan Eland Jun. 18, 2007
Accept the Blackwater mercenaries Max Boot Oct. 03, 2007
Admiral Urges Arming of Vessels to Combat Piracy John J. Kruzel Apr. 16, 2010
Afghanistan: Dangerous Divide Oxford Analytica Feb. 27, 2007
Afghanistan: History Repeats Itself James Ottavio Castagnera Sep. 30, 2009
Airlines Under Threat From Muslim Extremists  Rodney Wallis Aug. 15, 2006
Airpower Realities  Everett Carl Dolman Nov. 08, 2006
Al-nakba Bassam Dally May 20, 2008
Al-Qaeda’s Constructivist Turn  Marc Lynch May 05, 2006
Al-Qaida Remains Dangerous, Panetta Says Jim Garamone May 02, 2011
Al-Shabaab Attack on Nairobi, Kenya Shopping Mall on September 21–24, 2013 Edward F. Mickolus and Susan L. Simmons Oct. 09, 2013
Alden Pyle Calling Greg Lockhart Sep. 19, 2007
Algeria/Maghreb: Terrorist Threat Oxford Analytica Apr. 01, 2007
ALGERIA: Al-Qaida to target state and foreign presence  Oxford Analytica Jan. 16, 2008
All a Twitter: How Social Networking Shaped Iran's Election Protests James Jay Carafano Jul. 22, 2009
All the King’s Men: North Korean Leadership Politics Under Kim Chong-un Ken E. Gause Feb. 06, 2012
America after 9/11  Chris E. Stout Aug. 09, 2006
And if there’s no solution… Max Boot Jan. 09, 2009
And then there’s the rest of the world… Paul Kennedy Dec. 30, 2008
Anthrax Saga of 2001 Comes to Closure, Maybe  Jim Castagnera Sep. 10, 2008
Appeasement, For or Against  Paul Kennedy Oct. 20, 2006
Are We Winning the War on Terror? Max Boot Jul. 10, 2008
Asia-Pacific Region Stands at Pivotal Point Donna Miles May 07, 2010
Asylum Seekers and Anti-terrorist Laws Julian Burnside Nov. 16, 2007
Australia's Forgotten Prisoners Christina Twomey Sep. 19, 2007
Australian uranium for a nuclear India? Leslie Kemeny Jul. 24, 2008
Balkans: Prospects for 2007 Oxford Analytica Jan. 03, 2007
Benazir Bhutto Max Boot Jan. 03, 2008
Benchmarks in Iraq: The True Status Anthony H. Cordesman Jul. 13, 2007
Beyond Terrorism: Expanding Business Security to include All-Hazards W. Timothy Coombs Jun. 04, 2007
Bibliographic Essay—NATO  Lawrence S. Kaplan Apr. 01, 2006
Bosnia: Western Withdrawal  Oxford Analytica Jul. 12, 2006
Budget Recommendations Provide ‘Home’ for Warfighters, Gates Says Jim Garamone* Apr. 08, 2009
Bush Farewell Addresses Homeland Security Jena Baker McNeill Jan. 22, 2009
CENTRAL AMERICA: Southern border is crime hot spot Oxford Analytica Nov. 05, 2007
Chad/CAR/Sudan Security Oxford Analytica Mar. 01, 2007
The Changing Face of Terror  Rodney Wallis Jun. 28, 2006
Changing Muslim Perceptions Oxford Analytica Feb. 27, 2007
China's Burma Test Steve Tsang Oct. 06, 2007
Chinese-Russian Security Ties: A Challenge to the United States?  Richard Weitz Nov. 08, 2006
Chinese Vessels Shadow, Harass Unarmed U.S. Survey Ship Jim Garamone Mar. 12, 2009
Civil war – what’s in a name David Armitage Sep. 10, 2008
Clan power in Central Asia Oxford Analytica May 26, 2007
Climate Change Scenarios and Great Power Politics Richard Weitz Mar. 11, 2008
Columbia: Paramilitary Demobilisation  Oxford Analytica Oct. 10, 2006
Congress Finishes Work on Authorization Bill Jim Garamone  20, 2009
Connecting the Dots: Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda Involvement in Terrorism Prior to 9/11  Joshua L. Gleis Nov. 30, 2006
Conventional Armed Forces in the Gulf Anthony Cordesman Jun. 25, 2008
Counter-Insurgency: A Bibliographic Essay Daniel P. Marston Mar. 23, 2007
Countering Islamic Terrorism in U.S. Prisons Richard Weitz Mar. 15, 2007
Countering Nuclear Terrorism and Proliferation  Richard Weitz Nov. 08, 2006
Creeping Sharia on College Campuses? Jim Castagnera Oct. 28, 2008
Crocker vs Petraeus Marc Lynch Aug. 10, 2007
Cybersecurity Must Balance ‘Need to Know’ and ‘Need to Share’ Jim Garamone Dec. 09, 2010
Cybersecurity Poses Unprecedented Challenge to National Security John J. Kruzel Jun. 23, 2009
Darfur Dynamics Oxford Analytica Jul. 17, 2007
Darfur Outlook Oxford Analytica Mar. 25, 2007
David versus Goliath: South Africa Attempts to Level the Global Playing Field Peter Fabricius Jul. 16, 2007
Defense Secretary During Vietnam Build-up Dies at 93 By Jim Garamone Jul. 09, 2009
Developing U.S. Global Energy Strategy Ariel Cohen May 01, 2007
Did We Miss the Lesson of Nagasaki? William D. Hartung  Aug. 13, 2007
Down Independence Road Tom Nairn Nov. 05, 2008
Egypt: Revolution at Hand? Denis J. Sullivan and Kimberly Jones Jan. 31, 2011
Egypt’s Military Remains Neutral, Mullen Says Cheryl Pellerin Feb. 04, 2011
Eight Years after 9/11: Analyzing Congress's Homeland Security Agenda Jena Baker McNeill Sep. 16, 2009
El Chapo’s Take-Down Will Not Fragment the Sinaloa Cartel George W. Grayson Feb. 24, 2014
Embassies for sale Paul Kennedy May 29, 2007
Europe's Intelligence Reorientation Chris Deliso Aug. 24, 2011
Exit From Iraq Should Be Through Iran: Linking forces with Iran could minimize the costs of withdrawal from Iraq William E. Odom Jun. 01, 2007
Federalism Necessitates That Congress Put the Brakes on Passing the Proposed Comprehensive Immigration Reform Legislation Matt A. Mayer Jun. 02, 2007
Fighting terrorism Oxford Analytica Jun. 01, 2007
Fixing Border Security and Immigration: A Memo to President-elect Obama Jena Baker McNeill Dec. 30, 2008
Foreign Investment and Port Security  Jim Miskel May 05, 2006
Forensic Ethology: A new way to study aggression Donald G. Dutton May 01, 2007
Forensic Science in the Prosecution of Genocide  Melissa A. Connor Jun. 16, 2006
Future of U.S.-German Security Relations Michael G. Hanpeter Mar. 31, 2006
Gates's Hope to Reform the Pentagon Is Barking at the Moon Ivan Eland May 20, 2008
Genuine Power Sharing Seth Kaplan Feb. 28, 2008
Government Blunders Create More Demand for Its Services  Ivan Eland Aug. 23, 2007
Grozny: Aberration from Stability or Return of Insurgency? Elena Pokalova Dec. 17, 2014
Henry Kissinger's Lessons for George W. Bush Jeremi Suri  Jul. 30, 2007
Here’s why the US might not attack Iran Andrew Exum Sep. 21, 2007
History and the Holocaust Matt A. Mayer Aug. 23, 2007
Homeland Security: Five New Year's Resolutions for Congress James Jay Carafano, Ph.D. Jan. 10, 2008
Horn of Africa: Forecast for 2007 Oxford Analytica Jan. 03, 2007
How Soon is Safe? Adam Mausner Sep. 23, 2008
How to Cut and Run  William E. Odom Nov. 01, 2006
How to End the War on Terror James Ottavio Castagnera Dec. 05, 2008
Howard's End: Australia's prime minister no longer connects with voters  Max Boot Jun. 04, 2007
Hugo Chavez and Adam Smith: A Study in Contrasts Paul Kennedy Mar. 05, 2007
ICBMs: A strategic umbrella for 50 years Brig. Gen. Everett H. Thomas Oct. 20, 2009
Ignorance May Be Bliss, but It Makes for Bad Policy: Analysis of the Iraq Study Group Report  Timothy R. Furnish Jan. 02, 2007
Improving Sino-Russian Relations Oxford Analytica Mar. 25, 2007
In Praise of Caution By Paul Kennedy Jul. 09, 2009
India: Religious Tension Oxford Analytica Mar. 22, 2007
Integrating the Armed Forces  Alan L. Gropman Mar. 01, 2006
Intelligence Collection and the Law  Loch K. Johnson Jul. 04, 2006
International approaches to Somalia Oxford Analytica Jun. 10, 2007
INTERNATIONAL: Agency problems wrack terrorist groups Oxford Analytica Feb. 27, 2008
INTERNATIONAL: Hizb ut-Tahrir channels disaffection Oxford Analytica Jan. 07, 2008
Into Africa Roger Donnelly, ABC Radio National Oct. 28, 2008
An Introductory Bibliographic Essay on Intelligence Studies Literature  Loch K. Johnson Apr. 19, 2006
Iran's Military Exercises  Neda Bolourchi Nov. 30, 2006
Iran-Turkey-Israel: Kurdistan competition  Oxford Analytica Oct. 17, 2006
Iran Fears “Colour Revolution” Oxford Analytica Jun. 03, 2007
Iran: Nuclear Weapons Timetable  Oxford Analytica May 26, 2006
Iran’s Changing Fortunes  Neda Bolourchi Aug. 15, 2006
Iran’s strategic relations in Afghanistan Oxford Analytica May 26, 2007
Iranian Nuclear Negotiations: A Calculated Risk Joseph M. Siracusa Apr. 27, 2015
IRAQ – A False Choice Dr Adam Cobb Sep. 13, 2007
Iraq and Anbar: Surge or Separation? Anthony H. Cordesman Jun. 29, 2007
Iraq Is Already Partitioned: Here’s How to Make it Work Ivan Eland Oct. 18, 2007
Iraq Solution: Try Gerrymandering  Ivan Eland Jul. 31, 2007
Iraq: A Time to Stay? By Anthony Cordesman Aug. 04, 2009
Iraq: Creating a Strategic Partnership Anthony Cordesman Oct. 20, 2009
ISIS: Countering the Evolving Threat James J.F. Forest Nov. 30, 2015
Islam Rising in the Arab World? David S. Sorenson Aug. 22, 2012
It's Not About Iran Shibley Telhami Feb. 22, 2008
It is in Poland’s interest to be an ally of America Max Boot Dec. 08, 2007
JAPAN'S NUCLEAR OPTIONS Richard Weitz Jan. 24, 2007
John Howard, 9/11, and the Search for Australian Security  Joseph M. Siricusa Mar. 01, 2006
Just Who Must ‘Stay the Course’? Paul Kennedy Mar. 26, 2007
Kashmir  Ewan W. Anderson Jun. 28, 2006
Kosovo Scenarios  Oxford Analytica Apr. 20, 2007
Kuwaitis Foil Attack on U.S. Logistical Hub by Donna Miles Aug. 17, 2009
Landmines: The Deadly Legacy Continues Kenneth R. Rutherford Mar. 24, 2015
Latin America/US: Chequered Past  Oxford Analytica Oct. 30, 2006
Latin America’s Pink Tide—The Challenge for U.S. Foreign Policy  Ron Chepesiuk Nov. 19, 2006
Leaders Begin Troop Withdrawal in Iraq, General Says Samantha L. Quigley Mar. 12, 2009
Leaders Mark Kennedy’s Passing With Fond Memories By John J. Kruzel Aug. 29, 2009
Learning Counterinsurgency: An Annotated Bibliography  John A. Nagl Apr. 01, 2006
Lebanon on the Brink of Elections: Key Public Opinion Findings By Shibley Telhami Jul. 09, 2009
Legal Policy for a Twilight War Philip Zelikow  Jun. 02, 2007
Lessons of the Hezbollah War  Ariel Cohen Sep. 27, 2006
Libya: Another Power Bank Subjected to a Stress Test Erik Claessen Feb. 24, 2011
Lynn Outlines Cyber Threats, Defensive Measures Lisa Daniel Aug. 25, 2010
Making Foreign Consequence Management Harder Al Mauroni Sep. 30, 2009
Maroons Rush In: Criticism of the president's Vietnam analogy takes Chutzpah Mackubin Thomas Owens Aug. 24, 2007
Middle East: Ismail Haniyeh  Oxford Analytica Jul. 06, 2006
MIDDLE EAST: Nuclear plans pose proliferation risk Oxford Analytica Apr. 24, 2008
Migration Myths and Facts Max Boot Mar. 14, 2008
Militants and tribal areas in Pakistan Oxford Analytica May 11, 2007
Military Action May Sometimes Be Moral and Constitutional, But Not Smart Ivan Eland Nov. 26, 2008
More Foreigners in the Army Max Boot May 29, 2009
Mullen Calls Iranian Nuclear Pursuit "Unacceptable" Army Sgt. 1st Class Michael J. Carden Aug. 26, 2010
Mullen Calls on China to Help Curb North Korean Aggression Donna Miles Dec. 08, 2010
Munich Security Conference: General David Petraeus General David Petraeus Feb. 11, 2009
My Kind of College Professors: Anthropologists Put Their Boots on the Ground in the War on Terror James Ottavio Castagnera Jul. 15, 2008
National Debt Poses Security Threat, Mullen Says Army Sgt. 1st Class Michael J. Carden Aug. 27, 2010
National Security Not a Good Argument for Global Warming Legislation by James Jay Carafano, Ph.D. Aug. 20, 2009
National Security Not a Good Argument for Global Warming Legislation James Jay Carafano, Ph.D., Oct. 22, 2009
National Security Space Strategy Targets Safety, Stability Cheryl Pellerin Feb. 04, 2011
National Security, Party Politics, and the Presidential Election of 2008  Kenneth Kitts Sep. 27, 2006
NATO: Alliance cohesion and future is at risk Oxford Analytica Apr. 04, 2008
Naval War College Speech Robert M. Gates May 05, 2009
New Missile Plan Better Suited Against Iran, Gates Says John J. Kruzel Sep. 22, 2009
New START Treaty to Take Effect Feb. 5 Cheryl Pellerin Feb. 02, 2011
No Middle Ground in Iraq Bing West Jul. 31, 2007
North Korea’s Evolving Motives and Appropriate Responses  Edward A. Olsen Jul. 27, 2006
North Korea’s Nuclear Test: Cause, Implications and Prospects  Uk Heo Oct. 13, 2006
North Korean Human Rights Concerns and Its Challenges Mikyoung Kim Apr. 07, 2014
Not Quite Iraq Max boot Mar. 04, 2009
Nuclear Nonproliferation Policy Oxford Analytica Mar. 22, 2007
Obama and the Military by Max boot* Aug. 20, 2009
Obama Announces Changes for European Missile Defense Fred W. Baker III Sep. 22, 2009
Obama, Medvedev Agree to Reduce Nuclear Stockpiles By Jim Garamone Jul. 10, 2009
Obama: Bilateral Cooperation Critical to Enduring Mission in Afghanistan Donna Miles Mar. 04, 2009
On the Ground: U.S. Training Efforts Build Self-sufficiency in Iraq  Mar. 23, 2009
On the Prospects for Palestinian Statehood Daniel Baracskay Oct. 07, 2011
On War Hew Strachan Sep. 21, 2007
Online Jihad  Oxford Analytica Dec. 04, 2006
Our Bases in Europe Max Boot Nov. 21, 2007
PAKISTAN: Corps is ill-equipped for 'war on terror' Oxford Analytica Dec. 11, 2007
PAKISTAN: Militants focus on 'pro-Western' forces Oxford Analytica Apr. 04, 2008
Paramilitary Influence: Iran Oxford Analytica Apr. 01, 2007
Patience Needed to Beat Taliban, McChrystal Says By Jim Garamone Aug. 17, 2009
Paul Wolfowitz, Dealing with Islamic Militants, and Alleviating Third World Poverty  Lewis D. Solomon May 21, 2007
Pentagon Weighs Social Networking Benefits, Risks By John J. Kruzel Aug. 04, 2009
Pentagon Weighs Social Networking Benefits, Risks By John J. Kruzel Aug. 04, 2009
Petraeus Describes Changes in Army Structure, Doctrine Army Sgt. 1st Class Michael J. Carden May 07, 2010
Petraeus Hearing Should Focus on Three Fronts, One Long War James Carafano May 08, 2008
Petraeus Predicts Tough Fighting in Afghanistan John J. Kruzel Aug. 28, 2009
Phinehas Priest Opens Fire in Austin, Texas Danny W. Davis Dec. 03, 2014
Playing the Great Game in Central Asia  Jim Castagnera  Aug. 26, 2008
Politicians Must Ensure the Temporary Worker Program Has an Enforceable Exit  Matt A. Mayer May 17, 2007
Post-transition justice in West Africa  Oxford Analytica May 11, 2007
Preliminary “Lessons” of the Israeli-Hezbollah War  Anthony H. Cordesman Aug. 17, 2006
President Obama, Multilateralism in Libya, and the Arab Spring Ricardo René Larémont Nov. 11, 2011
Principles for Stability Operations and State-Building James Carafano Apr. 04, 2008
Private military industry  Oxford Analytica Sep. 27, 2006
PROSPECTS 2008: Darfur insecurity threatens neighbours Oxford Analytica Jan. 07, 2008
Radicalisation Threat in India Oxford Analytica Aug. 03, 2007
Reflection in Lebanon, Israel, but not in U.S.  Shibley Telhami Sep. 03, 2006
Reform in the Muslim World: The Role of Islamists and Outside Powers Shibley Telhami Jan. 09, 2009
Reforming the Indonesian Military  John B. Haseman Nov. 08, 2006
Republicans on the Left and Democrats on the Right Ivan Eland Oct. 02, 2008
Responding to Bioterrorism: Are We On Course? Al Mauroni Dec. 08, 2007
The Revolt of the Generals  Erin Solaro Jul. 06, 2006
Rising food and oil prices : an environmentalist’s nightmare Paul Kennedy Jul. 24, 2008
Risks of Palestinian Collapse Oxford Analytica Jun. 03, 2007
Romania: Divided government  Oxford Analytica Sep. 27, 2006
Russia allows transit for Afghanistan-bound U.S. troops by John J. Kruzel Jul. 09, 2009
Russia and the United States: Mutual recriminations  Oxford Analytica Apr. 20, 2007
Russia Neo-Realist Foreign Policy Ariel Cohen Mar. 19, 2007
Russia: Basayev’s Killing  Oxford Analytica Jul. 27, 2006
Russia: Bigger Military Budget  Oxford Analytica Jul. 06, 2006
Salvaging Iraq Nathaniel Fick Feb. 12, 2007
Saudi Arabian Generosity: A Penance or a Payment? Jim Castagnera Sep. 23, 2008
Security and Threat Potential at the Olympics Robert W. Schaefer Feb. 06, 2014
Send More Troops to Baghdad? Anthony James Joes Feb. 28, 2007
Somalia: SICS as Taliban?  Oxford Analytica Oct. 26, 2006
Somalia: Islamic Courts Ascendant  Oxford Analytica Jul. 06, 2006
Somalia: Reconciliation Conference Oxford Analytica Jul. 25, 2007
Somalia: Resistance to TFG deepens and diversifies Oxford Analytica May 31, 2007
South Korea's Leader Tries to Turn His Back on History Alexis Dudden Feb. 01, 2008
The States of Central Asia  Eugene B. Rumer Jun. 28, 2006
Strategic Communication Richard Halloran Oct. 15, 2007
Strategy: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow  Colin S. Gray Jan. 02, 2007
Succession issues in North Korea Oxford Analytica Jun. 21, 2007
Sudan: Darfur Dynamics Oxford Analytica Oct. 10, 2007
Sudan: Darfur Peace Process  Oxford Analytica Jun. 07, 2006
Supreme Ignorance: America’s Highest Court Disregards the Law of Land Warfare Timothy R. Furnish Jun. 25, 2008
Surging Ahead in Iraq Max Boot May 21, 2007
Tactics to Curb Nuclear Arms Backfire on Bush  Aaron Lim and Robert G. Patman  Nov. 30, 2006
Taliban tactics Oxford Analytica Jun. 10, 2007
Terrorism and WMD: The Link with the War in Afghanistan Anthony H. Cordesman Nov. 11, 2009
Terrorism Threat in Australia Oxford Analytica Jul. 11, 2007
The Afghan-Pakistan War: Threat Developments Anthony Cordesman Feb. 22, 2008
The Afghan Decision Anthony H. Cordesman Nov. 12, 2009
The American 'Decline' Debate--Once More Paul Kennedy Jul. 11, 2007
The Australian Defence Debate Jeffrey Grey Apr. 17, 2008
The Australian Drought Transcript - Leslie Kemeny Nov. 16, 2007
The Blame Game in Iraq Daniel M. Gerstein Mar. 26, 2007
The Challenge of Genocide in World History Joe Docker Sep. 21, 2007
The Changing Situation in Iraq: A Progress Report Anthony Cordesman Apr. 08, 2009
The Chemical Weapons Convention – Ten Years Later Albert J. Mauroni Mar. 23, 2007
The Cult of Petraeus Jeff Huber Aug. 07, 2007
The Death of Bin Laden and the End of the War on Terror Matthew J. Flynn May 19, 2011
The Death of Suharto Robert Elson Mar. 11, 2008
The Doctor Is In (Yet Again): Ayman al-Zawahiri’s Latest Communiqué Timothy R. Furnish May 30, 2007
The Dynamics of the "AfPak" Conflict: Metrics and Status Report Anthony Cordesman Jul. 22, 2009
The Election: Iran as Usual? Anthony Cordesman Jun. 19, 2009
The Enduring Relevancy of Nation-States in International Politics: The Case of China Donovan C. Chau and Thomas M. Kane Jun. 06, 2014
The Evolving Security Situation in Iraq: The Continuing Need for Strategic Patience Anthony Cordesman Feb. 22, 2008
The Failed Crocker-Petraeus Testimony and a "Conditions-Based" Strategy for Staying in Iraq Anthony H. Cordesman Apr. 23, 2008
The Future of al-Qaida without bin Laden James J.F. Forest May 10, 2011
The Gaza Escalation between Israel and Hamas: What Has Changed? Jalil Roshandel Dec. 05, 2012
The Georgia War and the Century of "Real Power" Anthony Cordesman Aug. 26, 2008
The Global Hunger Challenge James Ingram Nov. 18, 2008
The Gulf States and Iran Max Boot Dec. 18, 2007
The Iraq Study Group Report Absurdity and Iran Anthony H. Cordesman May 30, 2007
The Iraq War After Five Years: The Surge, Current Status, and Military Lessons Anthony Cordesman Mar. 24, 2008
The Iraq War: Progress in the Fighting and Security Anthony Cordesman Nov. 26, 2008
The Milosevic Trial Dr. Gideon Boas Dec. 18, 2007
The Mysterious Deaths of Russia’s Journalists Richard Weitz Apr. 08, 2007
The NSA and Big Data Paul Rosenzweig Jun. 17, 2013
The Ongoing Lessons of the Afghan and Iraq Wars Anthony Cordesman Apr. 24, 2008
The President Meets with Prime Minister Berlusconi, Comments on Iran Jesse Lee Jun. 17, 2009
The Rebuilding of U.S. Military Power in the Pacific: Shaping a 21st-Century Strategy Robbin F. Laird Nov. 06, 2013
The Rise of the Global Imaginary and the Persistence of Ideology Manfred Steger Oct. 02, 2008
The Security Impact of the Bhutto Assassination Anthony Cordesman Jan. 10, 2008
The Situation in Iraq: A Briefing from the Battlefield Anthony Cordesman Feb. 22, 2008
The Solution to the Kosovo Problem Ivan Eland Jan. 10, 2008
The Strategic Strengths of the Islamic State Lawrence E. Cline Sep. 08, 2015
The Syrian Civil War David S. Sorenson Oct. 13, 2016
The Taliban: Afghanistan’s Most Lethal Insurgents Mark Silinsky Jul. 02, 2014
The Tenuous Case for Strategic Patience in Iraq Anthony H. Cordesman Aug. 06, 2007
The Unintended Consequences Paul Kennedy Oct. 20, 2008
The US, Israel, the Arab States and a Nuclear Iran Anthony Cordesman Oct. 20, 2008
The War in Gaza : Tactical Gains, Strategic Defeat? Anthony Cordesman Jan. 22, 2009
This Won’t Be The Iraq Election Fareed Zakaria Nov. 08, 2007
Time to Pay Some Attention to Latin America Jim Castagnera Jul. 15, 2008
Time to Refocus on the North Korean Problem: An Australian Perspective  Robert O’Neill Apr. 01, 2006
Towards the Light A.C. Grayling Sep. 21, 2007
Transformation’s Uncontested Truths  Dr. Antulio J. Echevarria II  Nov. 28, 2006
Turkey/Iraq: PKK pressures  Oxford Analytica Sep. 27, 2006
TURKEY/US:Northern Iraq incursion risks crisis in ties Oxford Analytica Oct. 23, 2007
Turkey: Military/AKP strains  Oxford Analytica Dec. 04, 2006
U.S.–India Strategic Partnership on Laser-Based Missile Defense Lisa Curtis Feb. 06, 2009
U.S. Interests in Central Asia in the Era of Instability Ariel Cohen Jan. 04, 2007
U.S. Military Makes Last Payment to ‘Sons of Iraq’  Mar. 23, 2009
U.S. Role in Bringing Pakistan to the Abyss Ivan Eland Nov. 15, 2007
U.S./Africa: New “African Command”?  Oxford Analytica Sep. 27, 2006
U.S./Germany: Electronic Counterintelligence  Oxford Analytica Jul. 06, 2006
Uganda: LRA talks outlook Oxford Analytica Mar. 01, 2007
Ukrainian Crisis and Its Implications Houman Sadri and Leah Delaney Mar. 14, 2014
Understanding Terrorism: An Abbreviated Bibliography  James J. Forest Mar. 01, 2006
UNITED KINGDOM: Causes of UK terrorism are complex Oxford Analytica Nov. 01, 2007
United States Has Double Standard at Home and Abroad Ivan Eland Oct. 19, 2007
UNITED STATES: Naval plans look beyond Iraq, to China Oxford Analytica Nov. 05, 2007
US Strategy in Afghanistan : The Debate We Should Be Having Anthony Cordesman Oct. 21, 2009
US/AFRICA: Ward will be key factor in shaping AFRICOM Oxford Analytica Jan. 06, 2008
US/INTERNATIONAL: Can talks with Islamists be useful? Oxford Analytica May 16, 2008
US/IRAN/IRAQ: Is Tehran 'winning' the fight for Iraq? Oxford Analytica Jun. 05, 2008
VA Recognizes Agent Orange Link to More Diseases Army Sgt. 1st Class Michael J. Carden Nov. 24, 2009
VA Suffers Losses, Offers Help at Fort Hood American Forces Press Service Nov. 11, 2009
Venezuela: Foreign Policy Focus  Oxford Analytica May 26, 2006
The War in Afghanistan  Sean M. Maloney Apr. 03, 2006
War on terror Oxford Analytica Jan. 03, 2007
Warfare in the 21st Century  Richard Cobbold Nov. 20, 2006
The Washington Foreign Policy Debate Daniel M. Gerstein Feb. 07, 2007
West Africa: Drugs Trafficking  Oxford Analytica Nov. 16, 2006
What now for Burma? Dr. Myint Cho Dec. 08, 2007
What Space Arms Race? John B. Sheldon Mar. 11, 2008
When Iraq Abuses Fail to Shock  Shibley Telhami Jun. 02, 2006
Which Corner Has Been Turned in Syria? Fred H. Lawson Jan. 31, 2013
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