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The materials presented in the Scholarship section are written by scholars and experts in the field. The Scholarship essays follow a "big questions" approach that examines major issues in a topic area—issues that all students may well encounter in their introductory work. By and large, these essays take a position on an issue that has no easy answer. The intention is to bolster critical thinking skills by showing a spectrum of approaches to an issue and allowing students to begin to appreciate the inherent complexities of these big questions as they start to formulate their own views. The Scholarship essays have two goals: 1) to provide informative and thesis-driven essays from multiple perspectives or with different approaches on topics that are mainstays of community college and undergraduate paper assignments, and 2) to model effective essay writing. These essays can be challenging, even controversial. The opinions represented do not necessarily reflect the opinions of ABC-CLIO staff.

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Praeger Security International
Praeger Security International: Terrorism, Homeland Security, Strategy (PSI) is a unique digital product that marries three formats and content types: a massive ebook collection, a reference library, and contemporary scholarly debate. The core of PSI are books published by Praeger Publishers, an international affairs, foreign policy, security, military, and history publisher founded by Frederick Praeger during the Cold War. After many twists and turns, Praeger was incorporated into ABC-CLIO in 2008, affording the opportunity to overlay Praeger’s many scholarly, opinion, and analysis titles onto a full reference library and the technology to integrate these formats. The resulting product consists of 851 ebooks and 2700+ reference entries (both numbers grow regularly) and 100+ separate pieces of scholarship.

Recently revised, improved and expanded, this user-friendly database is an invaluable online resource that presents comprehensive information and unique insights into the international security issues that play a key role in defining our world's identity in the 21st century.

The Praeger Security International Team

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